Objective: To leverage extensive experience in public relations and strategic communications to drive community engagement and brand development, particularly in the non-profit and government sectors.

Location: Gainesville, GA

Experience: Over 10 years in Public Relations, focusing on non-profit and local government sectors


Associate Director of Communications, Arton County

Public Relations Supervisor, Chandler County

Social Media Specialist, Healing and Helping Hands

Education: M.S. in Communications (Public Relations), Syracuse University; B.A. in Communications (Organizational Leadership), University of North Georgia

Skills: Media and Public Relations, Digital Communication, Crisis Management, Brand Development, Social Media

Achievements: Enhanced public engagement, developed comprehensive PR strategies, led teams in high-pressure situations

Certifications: Accredited in Public Relations (APR), Public Relations Society of America

Core Competencies: Strategic Planning, Community Outreach, Brand Management, Crisis Communication, Digital Marketing, Networking, Team Leadership, Budget Management.