December 2023

Veterans Inc.

Veterans Inc. is the largest provider of support services to veterans and their families in New England. Since 1990, they have helped more than 90,000 veterans in need and today operate offices and programs in all six New England states, and Montana and North Dakota. For example, they provide for over 200,000 meals, obtain housing for over 10,000 veterans, and find employment for over 3,500.

Their featured programs include: Post 9-11 Veteran Support; Employment Opportunities and Training, Housing Programs for Veterans, Health and Wellness Support, Woman and Children’s Programs, Supportive Family Services, Food Services, Case Management, and Substance Use Treatment.

Their history began in 1991, when a small band of brothers made up of Vietnam veterans, alarmed at seeing their fellow vets living in alleys and under bridges, incorporated the Central Mass Shelter for Homeless Veterans (CMSHV). From then on, they have grown tremendously from moving into and renovating the National Guard Armory and putting up homeless within, increasing membership and setting up successful events and fundraisers, to establishing professional programs and providing top quality accredited medical support and recovery and rehabilitation services.

Vets Inc. also offers employment from Cooks, Residential Counselors, Program Assistants, to Housing Navigators, Employment and Training Case Managers, Behavioral Health Business Managers, and Licensed Clinicians.

Please visit their website to read about the many success stories that veterans and their families share, that if not for the services that Vet’s Inc. provides, they would have lost hope. For more details or questions, please send email to: info@veteransinc.org, or call: 1 (800) 482-2565, or contact your Career Center Business Services Representative.