Once you send us the Post a Job Request Form, the job information will be added to our statewide database and shared with our MassHire Career Center member job seekers. You will receive confirmation when the job listing is posted, which will include the Job Order Number, and how to review the job listing on the JobQuest website. If you do not receive confirmation within three (3) business days, please contact one of our Business Service Representatives. This service is provided at NO COST to you, and please note that job listings will be posted for 30 days.

You understand that MassHire reserves the right to decline this service based on unique job requirements, and will offer other solutions to address your needs, when applicable.

Thank you for this opportunity to post your current job opening in our Massachusetts JobQuest (MJQ) system.

PLEASE NOTE that MassHire Central Career Center has implemented a new Candidate Matching Service that may be of interest to you. Based on your job order requirements, our recruiters will attempt to identify potential matches from our Job Seeker database and if successful, we will submit a referral list of candidates including their contact information to you within 10-business days of posting your position with us on JobQuest. Our goal is that this additional functionality will help expedite your pre-screening process by providing you with qualified candidate matches in a timely manner. In order for your job order to qualify for Candidate Matching Services, you must complete the Candidate Matching Services Request Form located on the Candidate Matching Services page. A link to this page is above. Qualifying positions must meet the following eligibility criteria to generate the Candidate Matching Service.

NOTE: At this time, we are NOT able to provide services for companies and/or jobs related to the cannabis industry due to federal regulations.