MassHire Central Career Centers


Thank you so much for your interest in registering for a MassHire Central Career Centers Virtual Job Fair.

HOW IT WORKS: MassHire Virtual Job Fairs take place on the Premier Virtual platform. Job seekers visit the Premier Virtual platform during the scheduled virtual job fair event date and time. Job seekers will be able to create a profile before the event and upload their resumes to their profiles. During the event, job seekers will view an employer’s “virtual booth” that will contain the company logo, a brief company description and a listing of open positions and job descriptions. Interested job seekers will be able to view the employer’s information and openings, and if they choose, can share their information with the employer by submitting their resume.  Job seekers and employers will be able to live chat through instant messaging, and employers will be able to review job seeker’s profiles and resumes during the event.

The expectation is that employers will directly respond to job seekers as they receive job seeker resume submissions and instant messages during a Virtual Job Fair. There is no webcam necessary, but employer can upload links to video conferencing platforms and invite job seekers if they choose. Employers choose how they follow up with job seekers, but they should respond to the job seekers to continue the application process or decline the job seekers from consideration of a position. You must agree to connect with job seekers during the Virtual Job Fair to either continue the application process, or reject their inquiry to apply to your company.

Please complete the following registration form in its entirety to secure your spot on the Premier Virtual platform.

The information that you provide should be the same information that will be included on Premier Virtual platform during the Virtual Job Fair.

Once we receive your request, we will send you a unique link to upload your company on the Premier Virtual platform for the Virtual Job Fair event.

Thank you, and we wish you the best of luck in your recruitment efforts.

-The Business Engagement Solutions Team