Educational Specialist (D) – Virtual Programming & Technology Coordinator  


Manage the technological infrastructure of the Education Division.
Directly supervise Education Specialists in the field.
Work with MADOC and Labor staff to deploy & replace tablets and other technology on-site, help users manage the technology, and troubleshoot issues to resolution.
Tightly manage delivery dates of all deliverables to the agreed upon dates in Statements of Work or other project plans.
Obtain content training, both directly from partner companies, as well as self-learning to develop expertise in the different programs being offered on computers and tablets.
Develop strategic partnerships with vendors, DOC staff and school-based leadership at the direction of the Education division.
Offer technical support and program support to inmates as well as program staff.
Assist the staff in on-boarding new users, troubleshoot various virtual and digital programs, and ensure all programs are in technical working order on computers and tablets.
Evaluate and resolve technical support requests according to set procedures.
Train staff and instructors on how to use the APDS platform and services, as well as engage end users.
Monitor end-user data usage to report back to the MADOC with quantitative data and data summaries.
Ensure improved virtual and digital program performance through the use of data analysis and student progress.
Oversee all content development projects, training or data projects.
Oversee the maintenance of the digitally provided content.
Assist in researching and responding to opportunities for grant funding.
Monitor direct material expenditures needed to provide digital services and curriculum.
Assist with expenditures review from the operational budget and from the grant budgets.
Complete required 40 hours of training within the fiscal year. Ensures direct reports attain 40 hours of training per year and advises on professional development requirements and opportunities.
Maintain a record of professional development and DOC trainings attended.
Illustrate an understanding of current educational practices.
Assist in implement current, research-based educational practices in the classroom.
Illustrate a comprehensive and current knowledge of DOC policies and procedures.
Complete duties as assigned that support the Division?s mission.
Engage in Division priorities to enhance the progression of strategic goals.
Collaborate with other professionals, both inside and outside of the Division of Inmate Training and Education, to contribute to the goals of the Division.
Interact with staff in a professional manner, utilizing appropriate boundaries.
Interact and communicate with inmates in a professional manner while utilizing appropriate boundaries.
Report all security related concerns promptly.
Always maintain appropriate boundaries with staff.
Maintain a current and up-to-date inventory of tools and equipment and supervise tool control.
Maintain a safe, secure, and clean working area.
Conducts annual evaluation of staff and completes stages A, B, and C EPRS for all direct reports.
Travel (40%) between facilities when necessary for operational needs

Preferred Qualifications:

Applicants should have a Bachelor’s Degree in data management, education or a related field and knowledge of principles, practices and methods in education and vast knowledge of technology in the classroom. Strong analytical, verbal, and written communication skills. Proficiency in Microsoft Suite products and two to three years of related experience. Possess the attitude, temperament, and ability to work in a correctional setting.


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