Goals are essential to developing a career plan. Without a plan, you are relying on hope, and hope is not a strategy. When planning your career it is important to look at the process in three stages: past, present and future. How do you get to this point, where are you now in a process and where do you want to be?

Science has taught us that the human mind is a performance based organ. This means that whatever command you send to your subconscious mind, it will focus 24 hours per day to attain. The more specific the request, the better results you will achieve. How much and by when are two essential aspects to any command you send to your subconscious mind.


  1. Take control of your future.
    2. Your career calling is a process not a destination.
    3. Become an opportunity magnet and solutions broker.
    4. Continually improve your value if you seek to advance.
    5. Develop a personal learning library and monitor your progress.

Key Topics

  1. Identify at least five actions that show you are taking initiative on the job.
    2. Identify how a supervisor knows you are valued.
    3. Identify at least three qualities of a leader.
    4. Take initiative, exceed expectations!