Why you need a Resume and Cover Letter

As helpful as social media and sites such as LinkedIn are, a traditional resume is still a necessity. Since you never know the exact format an employer or connection will require, you need to have a full set of documents prepared. A hard copy resume is also useful for networking, during an interview, and other uses that may arise. Even though many companies use computer programs to screen resumes (Applicant Tracking Systems, or ATS), at some point, a real person will read your resume, and human readers prefer information that is both visually appealing and presented in an understandable format. Therefore, you will need more than one resume. This includes the traditional, hard copy resume (the “pretty,” print-ready paper version), an electronic version, and the corresponding cover letter.

    How We Can Help You

    • Use adequate “white space”
    • Stick to one page when possible
    • Make margins uniform
    • Be consistent with line spacing
    • Use vertical alignment for dates
    • Use left-alignment for text
    • Right align all dates
    • Use an easy-to-read font type
    • Use black for font color
    • Use an easy-to-read font size
    • 2-5 accomplishment statements for each position held
    • Use bullets to differentiate your information
    • Limit the use of tables or columns
    • Use horizontal lines to separate different sections
    • Be choosy with CAPITALIZATION, using italics, boldfacing and underlining
    • 1-2 lines each for accomplishment statements
    Tips for Resumes and Cover Letters

    Learn tips and best practices for
    writing effective résumés and cover letters

    Tips for Resumes and Cover Letters

    Tips for Resumes and Cover Letters

    Resume Highlights

    •How to start a resume in Microsoft word
    •Proper grammar techniques
    •Action words and vocabulary to grab your audience
    •Do’s and Dont’s
    •How to construct an attention getting cover letter

    Templates for you to start your own resume and cover letter today!

    Cover Letter Template 

    Resume Template