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In order for MassHire Central Career Centers to process and determine your Eligibility for Grant Funded Training, we must verify that you are over the age of 18, are compliant with the Selective Service rules, and are authorized to work in the United States. We will also need to access, collect and store certain personal information about you that may include the following items such as, but not limited to; your Unemployment Insurance Records, your Birth Certificate, your Government Issued ID including your Passport, your Work Authorization Card, your Social Security Card, documentation related to any Public Assistance Benefits you may be receiving, documentation showing your current and recent income, and others.

Please note that your personal information is only collected for the purpose of verifying and determining your eligibility for select grant programs funded through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or the Department of Labor, and upon request will be collected and stored in a secure manner. MassHire Central Career Centers may need to share your information with the Massachusetts State Department of Career Services, as well as the United States Department of Labor.

With your consent, MassHire Central Career Centers may be able to begin collecting or searching for certain eligibility criteria and documentation at the time of your submission of this inquiry such as your Selective Service Compliance or Unemployment Insurance Records. In doing so, we are able to expedite the grants eligibility screening process for you. 

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